street style


looking through style sight I have found a new look style called punk raver, this is when you combine punk cloths with bright and bold colours that you would were out to clubs or to a festival, the festival look also links in with the hippie flower power look of relaxing, chilling having a good time which the bright colours reflect upon.

Punk style stands out in a crowd and was a statement to other on rebelling out. The clothes used are normal cheep and were added to with their own style such as safety pins, band logos or they where torn apart on purpose to crate different affects but more importantly a look that stands out in the crowd and makes you look noticed. Leather jackets were oftener worn and studs added to created for the shock factor

‘…punk was invented to alienate every other element of society by using sex and bondage as its themes.’

The Fashion Book p401

‘… punk style with their bondage trousers and T-shirts with oversized slogans.’

Fashion the ultimate book of costume and style

punk 3
festival, hippie, power flower look of chilling and having a good time is
reflected by the bright colours that are worn. Theirs also a more chilled and relaxed
feel and clothes are often just put on even if the colours or patterns clash.

‘today, nothing is out, because everything is in. Every costume from every era is now available to everyone’ Marshall McLuhan, Harper’s Bazaar, 1968

‘hippie dress conveyed ne beliefs: peace, interest in other cultures, and experimentation- especially with psychedelic drugs; bright clothing patterns…’

Fashion the ultimate book of costume and style

‘skirt lengths dropped to the floor in swaying maxis’

Fashion the ultimate book of costume and style

1960s-hippies-fashion1 60s_Hippies

Brake down of the look

As you can see the lady in the pitcher takes inspiration from both the punk and also hippie style, she has a bright bold orange top and pink trainer’s, the colours clash but it gives a hippie festival look to her outfit, making the clash look fashionable, also a beaded necklace gives the inspired look form different culture. I also noticed that she is smoking giving her the edge look that gives you the punk feel when they started rebelling. The black leather jacket sharpens up the look and gives it that edge look, the slit up the skirt also give you the same look that stands out of the crowed, this looks links in with the whole punk era of slashing up your clothes and rebelling, but the length of the skirt links with the hippie swinging sixties theme. I think the sunglasses are a nice touch as well as they soften up the look by giving it that festival feel.

I don’t think that the original meaning of the hippie and punk is why this lady wore what she wore, but I think she wants to stand out in the crowd and be noticed, even though what she is wearing can be quite striking just like the punks. I do like her style and how she mixed up to very different eras and intertwined them together; I think the balance is well between the themes and has a modern twist.




new artical

Looking through the news I’ve found an article on airbrushing. Airbrushing and photoshop is something that comes up in the news regally and whether it’s right or wrong. Some people have very strong feelings about this subject and think it should be band as most of the problems that are associated with photos that have been manipulated in some way in the media to crate the “perfect look ” are eating disorders, Self harm, Lack of confidence in people, and not feeling good about them self in general, as they don’t look like the people in magazines, bill board and other forms of media.

“”We’re exposed to more images today than at any time in our history, so we’re more likely to compare ourselves to them,” says Dr Linda Papadopoulos, a psychologist who has recently done research on this topic for the government. “There’s no end of studies that show that consistently seeing airbrushed images makes women feel worse about themselves.””

photoshop 1

photoshop 2

As you can see the images above have been drastically manipulated, the first image shows a progression of how the airbrushing changes the photo in different stages, they have altered the shoulders to make them symmetrical, the skin has bee lightened, neck elongated and some of the facial fetchers have been changed slightly too. On the second images they have done a lot more to the photo to come up with the final image. The after image gives the impression that the model is slim and curvy and not a supper thin model that you sometimes see, but when you look at the before photo the model is then a larger model, but if you was to look at the before photo in a magazine that was trying to sell you their product would you be more likely to buy the product with the before or after image of the model?

Hello my name is Hannah Millward I’m 19 years old and I come form Rugby which isn’t to far from Coventry or Birmingham. At the moment I’m a year 1 contour fashion student at De Montfort University in Leicester. As I’ve just started my course I’m still not sure what rote to tack as theirs a lot to learn about the industry and what part of it I will fit into.  I’ve found that being creative and arty is easy for me and that it come naturally to me, and being dyslexic its something I can do without my English skills (or lack of them)getting in the way. In school I did BTEC art and GCSE textile which gave me a taste of fashion so when it came to leaving school I found a grate course that Leamington College where I studied fashion and clothing for 2 years. In my 2 years studying their I found that I was interested in pattern cutting, I like the fact that its a bit of a puzzle and I find it rewarding when all the peaces fitted together to the garment you’ve worked hard to on. I chose the Contour fashion course for the pattern cutting and also I think that I’d fit into the industry, I’m looking forward to getting making and getting my patterns drawn up, sewn up and made.