Hello my name is Hannah Millward I’m 19 years old and I come form Rugby which isn’t to far from Coventry or Birmingham. At the moment I’m a year 1 contour fashion student at De Montfort University in Leicester. As I’ve just started my course I’m still not sure what rote to tack as theirs a lot to learn about the industry and what part of it I will fit into.  I’ve found that being creative and arty is easy for me and that it come naturally to me, and being dyslexic its something I can do without my English skills (or lack of them)getting in the way. In school I did BTEC art and GCSE textile which gave me a taste of fashion so when it came to leaving school I found a grate course that Leamington College where I studied fashion and clothing for 2 years. In my 2 years studying their I found that I was interested in pattern cutting, I like the fact that its a bit of a puzzle and I find it rewarding when all the peaces fitted together to the garment you’ve worked hard to on. I chose the Contour fashion course for the pattern cutting and also I think that I’d fit into the industry, I’m looking forward to getting making and getting my patterns drawn up, sewn up and made.


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