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Looking through the news I’ve found an article on airbrushing. Airbrushing and photoshop is something that comes up in the news regally and whether it’s right or wrong. Some people have very strong feelings about this subject and think it should be band as most of the problems that are associated with photos that have been manipulated in some way in the media to crate the “perfect look ” are eating disorders, Self harm, Lack of confidence in people, and not feeling good about them self in general, as they don’t look like the people in magazines, bill board and other forms of media.

“”We’re exposed to more images today than at any time in our history, so we’re more likely to compare ourselves to them,” says Dr Linda Papadopoulos, a psychologist who has recently done research on this topic for the government. “There’s no end of studies that show that consistently seeing airbrushed images makes women feel worse about themselves.””

photoshop 1

photoshop 2

As you can see the images above have been drastically manipulated, the first image shows a progression of how the airbrushing changes the photo in different stages, they have altered the shoulders to make them symmetrical, the skin has bee lightened, neck elongated and some of the facial fetchers have been changed slightly too. On the second images they have done a lot more to the photo to come up with the final image. The after image gives the impression that the model is slim and curvy and not a supper thin model that you sometimes see, but when you look at the before photo the model is then a larger model, but if you was to look at the before photo in a magazine that was trying to sell you their product would you be more likely to buy the product with the before or after image of the model?


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