H&M advert


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I’ve selected H&M Conscious Collection 2013 – Vanessa Paradis. I believe H&M have a strong feel to their brand and watching their advert I feel that the company give a scenes of mystery which draws you in to watch more, and see what is uncover in the search into the wonderland jungle. The wonderland gives you a hit of a fairytale theme and an organic feel to the company, which is then brought out with the colors of the jacket and light chiffon materials looking like petals on a flower.  The model in the advert is Vanessa Paradis a famous French singer, actress and model, who happens to be 40 years old. Using an older model wearing young trendy clothing shows that the older woman can shop in a younger shop and still look good, feel good and confidant about them selves. If anything the advert looks like she is younger than she really is. I think H&M targets the younger audience but in this advert they try and encourage a wider target market to show that they are versatile and that there is no age rage, so no matter what your age is that you can shop at H&M and look good and feel good. I also know that H&M makes affordable cloths that look expensive, this was brought out again by the advert.

Image 1: designscene.net  2013



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