Topshop-windows-at-Knightbridge-London Topshop-windows-at-Knightbridge-London-03

Image 1&2 (retail design blog 2012)


Here is a bricks and mortar shop that I chose to look at, you find a TopShop  in most town centers ,they are always colorful and draw your eye in. there is always something to look at, customer experience a welcoming feeling and you are always intrigued on what they have and what you can bye.

TopShop’s target costumer would be teens and young women with an up to date idea on fashion. And how to wear it. Its for people that want to look trendy.

Being TopShop the price are going to be more expensive than your everyday shop like, Primark and New Look. You are paying for the brand but also the quality of the clothing. You also don’t expect anywhere else to have the same products as TopShop, In this window you don’t see any their offers in the windows, but they are promoting their product as being classic summertime English, using the clothes and also the set with the bunting and cakes. The product in the window are youthful, fun, classic English where and the bright colors draw your eye into looking and then wanting to look instore to see what else they might have to sell.

Topshop’s unique selling points

“Definition: The factor or consideration presented by a seller as the reason that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competition“ (

one of a kind products, exclusive to topshop ,They have people like kate moss that design for them .


Image 1&2 June 6th, 2012


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