My dress is a monsoon knitted dress 67% u natural 27% lyocenn a fabric made from pulp. 6% wool natural which is made in china. Most thing manufactured today are often made in china and other country where the labour are cheep. “Components can be a fraction of the price, tooling for injection molds is significantly less expensive, and labour for manning the assembly line is not unionized and easily replaced, making it very affordable.”( 03/26/2013) but because you make something cheep doesn’t mean that its going to be safe. There are often cases where things go wrong.”The report urges Beijing to cut toxic residue in China clothes — many of which are s to Europe and the USA — by establishing proper chemical management regulations.” ( December 17, 2013)

“The Greenpeace study, citing laboratory analysis of 85 samples, found that some of the clothing made by two garment makers contained NPE, a hormone disrupter, and antimony, a chemical element used in making bullets.” ( December 17, 2013)

Doing some research into monsoon I have found that they do like to look after their original roots of when the company was founded. “While much of our production has shifted to larger factories, we still trade with some of the original suppliers and these relationships have helped generate jobs and develop local communities.”( they also are very aware of sustainable fashion and what is going on in the world, and how as they are a global company how they effect it.”We are passionate about promoting sustainable fashion and have sponsored new, upcoming ethical designers at Estethica (London Fashion Week) for over 5 years. Other projects include a three year initiative to help Indian cotton farmers convert to organic farming methods, a scheme to help Indian fashion students develop and use sustainable fabrics and an on-going campaign to encourage customers to upcycle used Monsoon garments through our Clothes for Life campaign.” (

Bibliography  (December 17, 2013) (03/26/2013)


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